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Ceramic coatings are the best choice for high heat levels for race cars, extreme performance vehicles, and high heat applications. It will protect up to 2000 degrees. It has a superior thermal barrier and works great as a heat shield. The finish is maintenance free and resistant to oil, mud, or other contaminants with a little soap and water.

ceramic non-conducting thermo-sprayed layer also is less prone to corrosion than chrome finishes, and a lot more durable and eco-friendly than Chrome. At a microscopic level, the ceramic surface has sharper peaks and is less uniform than  chrome,and the overall surface area is greater on the ceramic coating than the chrome.

fcg_ceramic_coating for race cars

Elastomeric painting technology is  still on the rise, but to no surprise the particular polymer used for the seal design is critical. The finished design has to be in balance that take into account the ceramic surface area, to establish the best seal at the lowest friction. As if that wasn’t confusing enough,  the seal profile and how the seal material combine in both compression and tension, under speed and at different temperatures effects the overall readings.

These ceramic coatings applied by plasma spray are super advanced,making the coating effectively welded to the surface of the exhaust system.  The low thermal conductivity of the ceramic compound can offer great  significant performance benefits . These coatings protect against rust. Best applications – any high performance motor sport. It is only limited by its look. Most consumers may not choose this coatings because it is not as shiny as polished aluminum.

Now when you are talking about ceramic coatings for other applications such as your home, well then you have a much superior product to paint.

Rhino Shield Jacksonville, a full service exterior painting company in Jacksonville, Fl which provides all exterior painting services that provide this high technology for people’s homes and businesses. Ceramic Coatings Vs. Paint is an amazing analysis that you must consider the next time before you paint.

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If your brick home has gotten stains from water or cracks in the mortar you may have been thinking about brick restoration. Painting brick is not usually advisable with regular paint, because this substrate is very porous and absorbent of moisture, therefore making painting difficult. This is where Rhino Shield products pass where others fail.  If you decide to paint, allow Rhino Shield to properly prep out the brick by pressure washing it and looking for holes or damaged brick that may need replacing.

Selecting colors for your home can be a frustrating and time consuming process with your family members. The good thing about Choosing Rhino Shield products is you can pick any color you want and it will last for years to come.

After several years, your house may need total repainting if you use regular paint. More often than not, exterior painting will have to be done first. Being exposed to the elements, it is more likely to fade sooner, as well as exhibit obvious damages. With exterior ceramic coatings on your house you won’t have that problem. You can relax because your house will be sealed like no other.

The rubber-like coating is capable of stretching and returning to its original shape without damage. These elastomeric coating systems are reinforced  with secondary materials  to provide additional tensile strength. The coating can be applied over most traditional roofing materials, and are very safe to work with

Metal surfaces require a corrosion-inhibiting version of the primer, and cleanup is with water. Use of a coating technology-based solution such as encasement usually results in savings of 50-80 percent when compared with the cost of removal and replacement, not including comparable savings in relocation costs in many cases. According to the U.S. EPA, to qualify as an approved 20-year encapsulate/encasement system for use over LBP the coatings must pass a series of ASTM performance tests that are encompassed by ASTM E1795-97. Little or no hazardous waste is generated. Cracking, chipping or peeling will never occur, because this is Elastomeric technology,. “SUPER SHIELD”, a product of Rhino Shield is one example of this high grade technology that works wonders by giving your roof enormous protection and saving you lots of dollars each month on your electric bill.          25 degrees cooler

Super shield roof

The cost of using Ceramic coatings on your house and roof is more expensive than regular paint, however in the long run you will save money because you will have a much superior product that has a 25 year warranty. You honestly won’t have to paint your house again for 20-25 years. It won’t crack, peel or fade. Your house will be totally sealed and insulated with a ceramic waterproof coating that will cut your electric bill down drastically. I will leave to videos at the bottom of this article.

I hope this helped you out in making your decision about the protection of your biggest investment, your home. Call Rhino Shield Jacksonville Today  (904)519-5055 or check out some facts here:




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